Keyhole surgery for Joint problems


Keyhole surgery of joints, also known as Arthroscopy, is a well established technique of surgery on various joints of the body. I perform arthroscopy of knee, ankle and hip. Knee and ankle joints are commonly injured in sports injuries. Arthritis is also common in these joints. Majority of these conditions can be treated by keyhole surgery alone. It is generally carried out as a day care procedure - i.e a patient is admitted for few hours only. Very rarely overnight admission in to hospital is necessary. Keyhole procedures help in faster recovery and return to work.

Common conditions which are treated by Keyhole surgery

Torn cartilage and ligament in the knee (Meniscal tear and anterior cruciate ligament rupture)

Lose body in the knee and ankle joint

Arthritis - torn cartilage and lose bodies.

Knee cap problems - Patellar subluxation

Some forms of ankle sprains

Torn cartilage in the hip joint (Labral tear)